How can Northern Lites be so light and durable?

The short answer is advanced engineering and materials. We tested prototypes to failure, modified, and then tested again and again. The long answer is under the heading Snowshoe Design.

Why is Northern Lites the only company focused on lightweight, performance oriented snowshoes?

Sporting goods shop owners know that over 80% of snowshoe customers do not try before they buy, so shelf appeal and name recognition drive the buying decision. Most snowshoe companies know this which is why they focus on features that are noticed inside the store instead of on the snow performance. Many inexperienced snowshoe customers actually think that weight equals durability and will choose the heaviest model!
So it is actually normal business behavior for a snowshoe company to all but ignore weight focusing instead on name recognition and shelf appeal. The technology is available to make a truly high performance snowshoe which has been our focus since our beginning.

I am looking at snowshoeing as a workout, wouldn't heavier snowshoes be better?

Anyone who has ever been snowshoeing knows that it is an aerobic sport, even with the lightest equipment. If you prefer to look at snowshoeing as an exercise routine, you can save some money and buy the heaviest snowshoes you can find. Most people snowshoe for the experience and, as with other outdoor sports, the exercise is a side benefit. We find that when using high performance outdoor equipment more people will do it more often and longer because it is just plain fun.!!
The question you need to ask yourself is, do you want another piece of exercise equipment, or do you want to have fun while you burn calories? Snowshoeing on Northern Lites is as aerobic as you wish to make it. We have never had the complaint that our snowshoes are too light!

How can I tell the right from the left with your snowshoes?

When you look at the snowshoes, you will notice that the binding straps have metal buckles on one side and plastic buckles on the other side.  The metal goes to the outside of your foot.  So if the metal buckles are on the right side, that's the right snowshoe.  If they are on the left side, that's the left snowshoe.  

I like to try before I buy but cannot find a retailer, what do you suggest?

You can buy directly from this website and we will ship within one business day. Try them for up to 15 days and if not completely satisfied you can ship them back for a full refund minus shipping costs.

Why should I buy Northern Lites snowshoes?

The simple answer is that no other snowshoes offer the lightweight performance and durability that you will notice immediately with Northern Lites. Fancy features and artsy shapes do little when you are miles from your destination and your snowshoes feel like a torture device.
If you are new to the sport, do some research so as not to be disappointed. Use your favorite search engine and type in snowshoe reviews, or Northern Lites reviews. You will learn from folks who have used all the brands. You will quickly see our customers are more passionate, and snowshoeing on Northern Lites is a whole new sport!